Our farm team grows over 200 varieties of fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, livestock, and also has a commercial kitchen where we make things like jam, pickles and dressings. We team up with dozens of the state's best specialty crop growers. Our farm is certified organic, and nearly all of our partner farmers are as well.

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As a member of our CSA, you essentially buy a share in our farm's harvest, and we pay you back by bringing you the best local produce every week for an entire season! Your membership directly supports local farmers.




Summer Program

20 weeks

mid-June through October

Fall Program

4 weeks


Our main program runs from mid-June through October, and our fall season runs through November. Boxes are delivered once a week, every week.




We have over 100 pickup locations in King, Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties. We deliver to neighborhoods, work places, municipalities and government agencies, and to like-minded businesses who serve as site hosts.

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To bring you a great diversity of delicious, organic, fresh, local food from our area's finest farmers, whose food is grown for you by people you will get to know on a first name basis.


  1. Begin by selecting your pick-up location.

  2. Pick out a box size that best suits your needs.

    • You can let us us pick out your food each week (we call these our Farmer Choice boxes), OR:

    • Log in weekly and select your items yourself (these are our Local Choice boxes, we'll remind you weekly).

  3. All of our members have access to our Farm Store during the weekly login window, where you can purchase extra goodies to arrive with your box throughout the season.

  4. We receive your order and harvest your food...or, we rustle up your selections from one of our farm partners.

  5. We pack your box, then deliver it to your chosen pick-up location.

  6. Eat, and enjoy!