Growing Washington started as a long time dream of Clayton Burrows and Jay Dennison.  


Ben Craft and Gretchen Hoyt had been growing at Alm Hill Gardens since 1974, pioneers of organic farming in Whatcom County and leaders amongst vendors of the Seattle Farmers Markets. In 2007, Clayton was hired as Production Manager for vegetables and berries, as Ben and Gretchen sought to slow down and gradually retire.


Founding Growing Washington, Clayton assumed the reigns of Alm Hill Gardens, one of Seattle's oldest direct market farms, expanding the vegetable and berry production, increasing the number of farmers markets attended and creating one of the most innovative and popular CSA's in the country, to become one of the largest and most diverse organic fruit and vegetable farms in Washington State.


Clayton Burrows

Executive Director

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Gabrielle Santerre
CSA Program Manager
Broadway Farmers Market Lead

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Kristi Roberts

Operations Ambassador

Ballard Farmers Market Lead

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Eden Lopez

Farm Manager

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Join the Growing Washington Team
Local Choice Food Box Crew & Drivers

Our faithful, hardworking and crazy staff organizing, parcelling, palletizing, packing, driving and delivering the Local Choice Food Box every week with the best veggies, fruit, food, meats, dairy and more!

These folks are a collection of harvest, market and local foodies that love to bring the greatest selection of Washington-grown foods straight to our incredible customers.

Braving sweltering heat, bitter cold and the hectic pace of packing over 1000 boxes every week for 20 weeks, these hardy people are the backbone of our CSA.

Growing Washington Farm Crew

With over 100 years of combined farming experience, the Growing Washington farm crew works year round to plant, cultivate, harvest & prepare all the food available from seed to table presented at the markets, the CSA, restuarants and sold wholesale.


The farm crew consists of about 30 hard working folks.